Pastor's Pen

We are really beginning to miss Gail around here. I did not realize how much she does and how much we depend on her. Our continued prayers are with her and we believe that she will be back on the job soon. Let's keep Billy in our prayers too, because we know that he can't do much without Gail. I will try to do the bulletin and Ronnie will do the financial work of the Church while Gail is recoverin

It was great to baptize Melissa Bryant last Sunday and we thank the Lord for Milton and Caleb also. We will be adding Caleb to the  building and grounds committee next business meeting. He can do a lot to help in the physical work of the building. 

Let's continue to pray for our members who are still recovering from sickness or surgery. Rachel Ham, Randall Whisenant, Gail Warsham, Dot Herring, Ruth Snow, Greg Butler, and Lola Steward. Intercessory prayer is a need in everyone's life. Prayers of encouragement and healing can be felt by those who are prayed for.

Bro. Roger