Pastor's Pen

Thank you for all of the prayers this week and I appreciate Fletcher and Nick for filling in for me this past Wednesday.

Attendance was great last week and it shows what we can do when all of us are here, but I know it's vacation time for many, so be careful as you travel.

Happy Father's Day to all Dads, today. Being a Dad is a very important job, but it's also very rewarding.

Brother Roger


Vacation Bible School - June 28-29 - 4pm - 7pm

Anyone interested in helping with VBS, Friday and Saturday, June 28 - 29 please let Sandy Knight or Pat Womack know. Thank you in advance. 

We will have an Adult Bible School at the same time as the children, so make plans to attend.


New Puppet Ministry started. Puppets have been ordered. All kids be sure to be here each Wednesday night at 6PM for supper and Bible class (including puppet practice).


We now have food for the hungry who come to our door. Thanks to those who gave.


Prayer List:

Hildia Bynum, Ron Downey, Martha King, Wayne Rushing, Billy Warsham, Milton Bryant, Gerald Hickman, Ruby Hendrix, Rita Smith, and Andrew Maise.


Don't forget Bible studies this week. They are food for your soul and spirit.

Wednesday 10AM and 6PM, Sunday 10AM and 6:00PM

Children's Choir - Wednesday at 6PM


Weekly Events:

Sunday: Bible Study 10:00, Worship 11:00, Choir Rehearsal 4:30 TBA, Bible Study 6:00

Monday: Pinterest 5:30 First Monday of each Month

Tuesday: Breakfast - Jack's Hwy 77 - 8:00, Bike Ride at Maddox Park in Rainbow City - 9:30, Choir Rehearsal 7:00 TBA

Wednesday: Bible Study 10:00, Kids Club 6:00, Supper 6:00, Bible Study 6:30.


Pinterest meets the first Monday night of the month at 5:30 PM

WMU will be meeting every third Wednesday after Bible Study in the Jericho Room.


Check out our YouTube channel at Mt. Carmel Baptist Church Gadsden, Alabama. You can get there by the link in the sidebar or going there by clicking here. You can check out our Facebook page by clicking here.