Shut-in of the Week

Mary Denton, East Glenn Nursing Rehab., 53 Medical Park Dr., Room 306-A, Birmingham, Al. 35235

Pastor's Pen

Thank you for being in church. You are a blessing the Lord with your presence. We are here to worship Jesus Christ and not to entertain ourselves. We are giving back to Him the "Sacrifice of Praise".

Let's keep our hearts and minds fixed upon Jesus and not on our problems. Let's really Worship Him.

Here are my teaching topics for January:

Pastor's Class - Sunday 10:00 - Understanding Your Bible

Sermons - Sunday 11:00 - Evangelism

Sunday Evening - 5:30 - History and Future of Jerusalem

Wednesday - 10:00 - Walk Thru the Old Testament

Wednesday - 6:00 Supper

Wednesday - 6:00 Children's Choir Practice

Wednesday - 6:30 - "Till Death Do We Part"


Prayer List:

 Martha King, Jean Nappi, Jim Womack, Karen, Frank Smith, Betty Ray, Betty Butler, Judy and Wayne Rushing, Paisley, Cooper Moon, Daniel Wright, Riley Gilliland, George Varner, Andrew Maise, Hildia Bynum, Shelley Kline, Lydia, Tripp Beshears, Linda Tootsie Johnson, Juanita Taylor, Tommy Marshal, Mike Stone, Jane Rieger, Maggie Dupree, Gerald Hickman, Randall Whisenant, Charles Beshears, Kristen Pfeiffer, and Clara McGowan.


Weekly Events:

Sunday: Bible Study 10:00, Worship 11:00, Choir Rehearsal 4:30 TBA, Bible Study 5:30

Monday: Pinterest 5:30 First Monday of each Month

Tuesday: Breakfast - Jack's Hwy 77 - 8:00, Bike Ride at Maddox Park in Rainbow City - 9:30, Choir Rehearsal 7:00 TBA

Wednesday: Bible Study 10:00, Kids Club 6:00, Supper 6:00, Bible Study 6:30.


Pinterest meets the first Monday night of the month at 5:30 PM

WMU will be meeting every third Wednesday after Bible Study in the Jericho Room.


Check out our YouTube channel at Mt. Carmel Baptist Church Gadsden, Alabama. You can get there by the link in the sidebar or going there by clicking here. You can check out our Facebook page by clicking here.