Please add the following names to your prayer list. If you have someone that you know of that needs prayer please send it to me through the contact us page or the email us link and I will add to our list. Thanks, John

Request from the Website

Edmund Krzeminski and family


Request from Church

Maxie Hunter   Nancy Langley   Frieda Kosiba

Brett Adcock    Tammy Adcock   Larry Bynum

Greg Lang        Lena Hancock    Jan Stanley

Leon Thomason  Mary Denton    Jimmy Morris

Nathan Krouse    Betty Sitz          Dale Bielow

Craig                    John                 Ryan

Barbara Franklin  Donna Thomas  Matthew Smith

Eric Oliver            Karen                 Jeffie Lee

Whitt Lee             Elizabeth Waddell Steve Mathis

Missy                   Milton                     Frances Bearden

Fay Reid              Randy McGinnis   Dan McFarland

Steve Reed         Stephanie Reed    Amber

Ryan                    Leah                    Jennifer Bridwell

Maidson Wood    Pat                        Lavania Herring

Vickie Newman   Don Packer          Janice Entrekin

Sherry Conner    Mary Smith           Joe Milam

Virginia Gritzmacher  Shauna         Daniel Barnard

Max - Leukemia         Brenda Murphy              

Lovene Self (Stephanie Reed's mother)